Just want to feel better…?

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Many people come to me not knowing what their problem is. All they know is their life is basically OK, yet they don’t feel happy. They overthink things all the time. Feel fed up. They worry about things that may happen in the future, even though they know they may not happen at all! They don’t think they’re depressed or anxious, but they are unhappy and dissatisfied with their life.

How can you fix a problem when you don’t know what it is?

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Well actually hypnotherapy can help fix this. Fortunately it’s not dependant on labels or diagnoses. Hypnotherapy works by helping to get your brain focused on functioning more effectively. My solution focused approach means instead of the continual searching for what the problem behind the feeling is – you just focus on the things you know make you happy.

It’s amazing how much time we spend trying to work out what’s wrong with us – instead of trying to work out what can make us happy! The brain naturally tries to make sense of our feelings. So if we are feeling low it looks for all the negative things that may be causing it – past or future. Then we’re overwhelmed with lots more negativity which brings us down further. So the brain is accidentally working against us!

How to feel better soon…

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Of course I’m going to say come and see me for some hypnotherapy! It’ll turn you around completely, and put you in a better place mentally. It’s easy, relaxing and friendly with quick results. Many people only need four or five sessions*. Just have a look at my reviews to see how people have experienced positive life changes with me.

3 other things you can do are;

  • Make a list of everything that makes you happy; food – animals – fave people – nature – music – waterfalls – films – everything! Even things from your childhood that you used to enjoy and have forgotten. Just doing the list gives you a lift!
  • Think about how you can get those things into your life more. Then do it! It may be read a book about them, search for images on google, research things, visit special places, call someone etc..
  • Make time to speak to someone you value – anyone you like and get along with. Connecting with other people releases positive brain chemicals and gives a lift. Getting how you feel off your chest will lighten your load a bit.
  • the number of sessions needed varies from person to person. You are always in complete control of the number of sessions you have.