Emetophobia help…

What is emetophobia?

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Julie Escott

Emetophobia is more common than people realise and often very severe. People who suffer with the phobia of sickness/vomiting often struggle to keep it out of their minds at all. It’s generally quite obsessive and intrudes on life everyday.

Emetophobia is more common in women (7% estimated) than men (2-3% estimated). It often goes undiagnosed because people feel ashamed or embarrassed by it. In the intellectual mind we know it doesn’t make sense to keep worrying about illness when everyone is fine and well – so people keep quiet. This results in further stress, anxiety and isolation, on top of a very exhausting phobia.

Can emetophobia be cured?

The NHS may offer CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help learn how to manage emetophobia better if the doctor thinks it is sufficiently serious. This generally starts with seeing a GP and getting referred to mental health services.

Both hypnotherapy and BWRT psychotherapy work effectively to help people overcome this phobia and get control back. These therapies are quite easy for people to experience and teach techniques to get better control of their responses.

Hypnotherapy helps reduce anxiety and stress while increasing confidence and enabling you to understand emetophobia better. Hypnotherapy helps to retrain your thoughts and responses. It gives you tools to help you cope with it better and get back in control.

What’s the first step to getting treated?

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We all know that for change to happen we have to do something different – but often don’t take that first step. If you contact me via email or phone and discuss your issue I can explain more about how I can help you.

This is a lonely and isolating condition which ruins lives. Even the most simple activities can become a terrifying risk of sickness. So give yourself a break – take the first step to making the change you want for yourself – contact me. I’m friendly and understanding, having worked with many people with emetophobia successfully, as you can see from my reviews.