Julie Escott, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Fear is a natural defence to protect us from danger. However sometimes the brain gets stuck in a fear response which restricts our life or becomes a problem.  Then we develop a phobia, which means every time we experience or see it, we go straight into panic overdrive! 

Phobia’s often develop in childhood and can be about all sorts of things – like flying, spiders, snakes, the dark, heights, small spaces, clowns and frogs.  To people without the phobia, it can seem quite ridiculous, but to the sufferer it can be really debilitating and affect daily life very negatively. Fortunately hypnotherapy is a highly effective phobia treatment so we don’t need to be stuck with a phobia forever anymore!

What is a phobia?

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Generally the mind is able to separate a genuine life threat from a low-level risk but sometimes it overreacts and gets stuck believing a minor risk is a real life-threatening crisis.  Then seeing a spider or daddy-long legs can feel like a disaster!  In these situations, the sensible rational part of our brain is overridden by the fear response.  Often we know there is no actual danger but we just can’t stop the feelings of fear, panic and anxiety which take over.  As all the stress hormones and adrenaline are already pumping round our body.

Does hypnotherapy help with emetophobia?

Emetophobia is the fear of sickness or illness and it can often become quite obsessive. It’s more common than people realise and more frequent in women than men. Many people dont seek treatment for it because they feel embarrassed or ashamed by it because it’s taken over their life.

Hypnotherapy does help improve emetophobia by supporting you to understand how your brain is working and giving you tools to help beat it. Unlike the other phobia’s it is a longer term phobia treatment due to it’s complexity and often obsessive nature. However I have worked successfully with a number of children, teenagers and adults suffering this debilitating condition.

Overcome your phobia with Hypnotherapy in St Austell…

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This gentle re-programming of the mind allows you to stay in full control of the changes and remain fully aware of the process throughout.  Usually the phobia treatment can be completed in a series of 4 weekly sessions. More than two phobias will take longer. 

If you are generally anxious, more sessions may be needed to lower your overall anxiety to ensure success.  This has the advantage of the long term benefits of reducing your anxiety levels too which can be life changing

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Session information

Sessions cost £60 each and last 45-55 minutes each. Four is usually enough if there is only one or perhaps two phobias and anxiety levels are generally low. People who have higher levels of anxiety may need more sessions first to increase it’s effectiveness.


“Julie has completely cured my lifelong fear of heights using hypnotherapy! I never would have believed that I could even step on, let alone walk across, the bridge at Tintagel Castle on a windy day! Absolutely amazing! Thank you Julie, you are amazing and hypnotherapy is like some kind of magic!!!” KAREN

Hypnotherapy For Phobia
Karen on the bridge on a windy day! Smiling and confident now!

“Thank you so much for helping our son with his fear of dogs.  We really have seen quite a remarkable transformation. He is now confident around dogs whereas previously he was terrified even at the sight of them. The sessions with you were relaxed. He was comfortable and felt at ease throughout the entire process. It really has made a huge impact on all our lives as to the places we can now visit and enjoy without fear.JENNY

“I went to Julie for hypnotherapy for fear of flying, I’ve had the fear from a very young age.  I was unsure at first whether it would work but after 3 sessions I had a family holiday planned to Lapland.  I’ve got to say the treatment worked great.  I was at ease and very relaxed.  So I can’t recommender services enough.  Thank you Julie.” MATT

I really recommend Julie.  I had no idea what to expect but Julie immediately puts you at ease.  She explains the process really well and gets to the nub of the matter easily.  I was amazed at how positive the results were.  Thank you so much Julie.DENISE

I just wanted to say a big Thankyou for helping me overcome my fear of heights. I still cant quite believe it!  I have to admit to being a bit sceptical about Hypnotherapy but  decided to give it a try – I`m so glad I did!!

Julie is very professional and calm and put me at ease from the very beginning. The process of the sessions was very clearly and carefully explained thus removing any concerns or anxiety. I am so grateful as this fear was at times crippling and very distressing. I can now go to the theatre and sit in the balcony, and walk along the cliffs, climb that lighthouse – and all with confidence – the possibilities are endless!

I just wish I had done it sooner!  Anyway, I can certainly recommend this therapy – it is like a little piece of magic.  JESSICA