Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Many people try slimming clubs and various diets to help get their weight under control.  Often they work for a while, but we soon find the weight loss stops and then it creeps back on again.  Diets have been shown not to work in the long term and no one wants to continue ‘dieting’ forever.  Yet we all know that a surplus weight can have serious health consequences, and so maintaining a healthy weight can become a lifelong battle.

Whatever triggers your problem eating habits, you really can change the way you think about food and still enjoy it.  Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for weight loss and does not include any specific diet.  I work with you to change your mindset and put your focus on eating for your health and wellbeing in the long term. It’s a lifelong change which puts you in control of your food choices and weight – long term.  

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You will acquire a relaxed attitude to food and not feel deprived when making wise choices.  I focus on why we eat as we do and how we can change that. There is no specific diet.  This treatment works for people with any dietary requirements, vegan, vegetarian, allergy sufferers etc..  It is not recommended for people already following a specific regime like weight watchers or Slimming World, because they have their own approach.  This is a lifelong lifestyle change and not a diet.

Session details

This is a course of treatment, at the usual rate of £60 a session.  Sessions are between 45-55 minutes each.  This gives you the freedom to continue having sessions for as long as you feel you need to.  People generally find weekly sessions are the best way to start and once they have developed positive habits and are achieving their weight loss goals, often reduce to fortnightly and then monthly for a while before stopping.