Depression is a natural response of the brain to stress and is very common. It’s believed that 1 in 3 people will experience depression at some point in their lives. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for depression. Hypnotherapy has no side effects and can be used alongside medication or alone, to promote your speedy recovery from depression.

How can Hypnotherapy Help with depression in Cornwall?


Depression can be overwhelming and includes the symptoms of lethargy, hopelessness, lack of motivation and loss of interest in life. It makes people feel alone and trapped, as though there is no way out and nothing can help them. It often affects your sleep pattern and your ability to make decisions, leaving you feeling powerless. When you are feeling so despondent and hopeless it is hard to believe that anything can help lift it but hypnotherapy works.  See the reviews below.

Hypnotherapy For Depression

Hypnotherapy helps people understand the cause of depression and supports them with moving their focus to the future and their healing. Unlike other treatments, we don’t focus on the past or the cause, because that is not where the solution lies. So there’s no need to revisit the past or old problems.

Our Hypnotherapy Clinic in St Austell

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From our hypnotherapy clinic in St Austell, we focus on supporting you to take small steps towards making your life how you want it to be. We support you to reduce your stress levels, understand the condition and gradually move forward, at your own pace, step by step. This effectively lifts you out of your depression and eliminates symptoms and the risk of future episodes.  The speed of recovery is dependent on how long you have had the condition, it’s severity and your level of engagement with the process.  


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“I have suffered for years with anxiety/insomnia with the occasional bout of depression and I felt I was getting worse… I am now sleeping for 6-8 hours every night and feel great. I will check in with Julie from time to time to avoid a relapse. Julie combines talking therapies and positive interactions with her own unique hypnotherapy.

So I can thoroughly recommend Julie’s own special mix of therapies. From being a very tired, anxious and miserable doubting Thomas I became again a happy, friendly and somewhat normal Peter! It is also nice to know that I can see Julie in the future if my symptoms return.” PETER

“I am completely and utterly transformed by Hypnotherapy Helps. My weekly sessions were ‘My Time’ to get everything off my chest and then totally relax and unwind. Using the tools Julie gave me I was able to focus on myself for a change. I always left in a euphoric state. I felt amazing.

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Let me say, you won’t find any better than Julie at Hypnotherapy Helps. She is very calm and understanding, non judgemental and honest. I really loved seeing her, she lifted me up at every session. I could go on all day about how fantastic she is. She is a credit to the profession and I’m talking first hand experience. I think I might have monthly top up session as I can’t bare to leave completely. Why don’t you Go For It! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”  LAYLA

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