Hypnotherapy in St Austell has moved!

Why change?

door opening into room with a large window and three grey armchairs

To have something better! I finally managed to move offices to the ground floor! Obviously this makes it easier for everyone now – no more stairs. The room is very slightly smaller but faces the other side of the building so it won’t get far too hot on sunny afternoons.

So there were lots of good reasons to make the move, but still making a change was a bit daunting. Even if we are going to something better than we have, it’s always easier to stay with what we already have and know.

So why do we resist change..?

sand timer in wooden frame

Research indicates that generally people do not like change – it takes effort and energy and there’s always a risk that it won’t work out. Staying the same is easy – no energy, no effort, no change. Familiarity is comfortable. Our primitive brain naturally panics when change is coming! So we let our fears keep us where we are – stuck.

Change is uncomfortable – initially. Yet most of us want to make some changes – we want to improve things for ourselves. We know that if we want things to change we have to DO something to make a change. We have to do something different – prepare, find someone to help us, go to therapy, whatever it may be.

Is change worth the effort…?

woman with arms out stretched at sunset

Of course that depends entirely on the change. Not all changes are positive, but if we plan it, it can be great! We instinctively know when we need to change something in our lives, but it’s easy to distract ourselves and procrastinate. Yet once the change is made life can be massively improved.

So many of my clients have regretted not seeking help sooner to make the changes they want for themselves. People with fears of flying or heights whose life has been greatly restricted by them, and open up completely once it’s fixed. Increasing confidence and self esteem has enabled people to feel happier, safer and do what they really want finally!

3 key tips for making a change;

  • Make a list of all the positive things that could come from the change, including how you’ll feel. Compare it to a list of the advantages of not changing.
  • Write down all the people who can help you – friends, family, relatives, professionals. It’s better to know in advance where you’ll be able to get support.
  • Plan it – small steps at a time. Big steps are too daunting. Make the steps as small as possible and put them on a list with your goal written at the top to keep you focused on it.
Julie Escott, Clinical Hypnotherapist

If you want help to make any changes – to yourself, your life, your thinking or your fears – feel free to call me to discuss whether I can help you. Hypnotherapy and BWRT can help you beat your fears and change your thinking to enable you to get to where you want to be, or how you want to be. If you don’t believe me just read my reviews! Good luck with your changes.