Panic attacks helped by hypnotherapy

What is a panic attack?

Julie Escott Hypnotherapist in St Austell
Julie Escott, Hypnotherapist

Panic attacks are an intense episode of anxiety which can occur suddenly and without warning. Often caused by a rapid increase in anxiety or fear levels. Panic attacks may be caused by recalling a past trauma, abuse or time of acute stress. Some recreational drugs and medications can also lead to an increase in anxiety levels.

In a panic attack the body is responding as if in a major life threatening situation. Symptoms can be severe. The body responds as if we were confronted by a lion, which is inappropriate when walking down the street! To the brain this is a high threat situation and so it responds by stimulating the crisis hormones. They often last between 10-30 minutes but the body will take up to an hour to recover from it. Get more information on panic attacks from the MIND website.

Common symptoms of panic attacks;

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  • Heart palpitations, feeling like the heart is racing or pounding.
  • Chest pains.
  • Breathing difficulties – feeling as if choking or unable to take in enough breath.
  • Fear of dying, losing control or of some impending doom which feels overwhelming.
  • Dizziness or light headedness – may feel unsteady or disorientated.
  • Nausea – feeling sick or queasy.
  • Sweating and trembling or shaking, possibly also feeling very hot or cold.
  • Dissociation – feeling disconnected from yourself or the world around you.

Are panic attacks genetically inherited?

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There isn’t a clear decision on this at present from health professionals. However it is known that we are very influenced by the moods and behaviour of people around us, most notably by our parents during our childhood. It’s very common for people who suffer with anxiety to have a parent who suffered with anxiety. Whether it’s been genetically inherited or learnt in childhood is difficult to determine. The most important thing is to get help to get control of them.

Does Hypnotherapy help with panic attacks?

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Yes! Hypnotherapy is very effective at reducing panic attacks and anxiety by positively retraining the brain. Hypnotherapy uses guided imagery, trance and positive associations. These replace the anxious thought patterns with calmer positive thought patterns. The joy of hypnotherapy is that it’s relaxing and easy while being effective and quite quick. People often only need four or five sessions to get back in control and overcome anxiety completely.

What other therapies help anxiety?

I also use BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) which is a quick and effective treatment for specific anxiety triggers. So if you are suddenly anxious every time the phone rings or you hear a loud noise – BWRT can change your response from anxious to calm. I find a combination of hypnotherapy and BWRT is most effective in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you overcome your panic attacks and enjoy life again.

Reviews from people suffering anxiety;

I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me with my anxiety. It was so bad I was struggling on a daily basis! I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about Hypnotherapy at first but I’m so glad I tried it!!! From the very first session I left feeling positive and I now feel so much more confident, calm, strong and in control of my life. I cannot thank you enough Julie. You are a lovely lady inside and out and I would highly recommend you. Finally I have my life backRACHEL (after 3 sessions)

Absolutely amazing results with Julie. l needed help with anxiety after an illness and she was not only very professional but so caring. My husband is so pleased to have his wife back as he remembers me. I have no hesitation recommending Julie, thank you so much for all your help. PAT 

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Even from the first week I left feeling positive that for once I was going to beat the demons in my head.

 I’ve really noticed a difference in myself, I feel more confident and able to tackle challenges. Even my friends have noticed a difference in the way I hold myself and the way I stand up for myself. I allow myself the time to work things out, but if I can’t, that’s also OK. 

I can’t thank Julie enough for how she has helped and changed me, to be happier and more confident. TOM

If you are sceptical please don’t be, you even get a free (phone) consultation to see if it’s right for you. I’m now on my 5th session and can see a huge difference in daily life. Thank you Julie. Highly recommended. SHANNON

man on rock with arms outstretched above head showing success at beating panic attacks

I was looking for help with my anxiety’s which were impacting on my health, but felt unsure of an alternative to medical intervention. Well on my initial appointment I felt extremely comfortable.

After the first session I knew I was in a better place and at the fourth session I was in a very different place with managing my thoughts; feeling stronger and positive. I still listen to Julie’s CD at times, which now can send me into a very peaceful, relaxed sleep. Thank you Julie, you have a professional, calm, warm approach to make a real difference using hypnotherapy.   HEATHER