3 Misconceptions about hypnotherapy

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1. “I won’t have control”

In reality you remain in complete control. You are awake throughout the trance part, and listening to what I say. You can get up or speak at anytime you want during trance because you stay completely in control.

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2. “It’ll mess with my head”

I only make positive suggestions which are entirely based on the changes you want to make and the goals you set yourself. My job is to help you achieve what you want and everything I do is coming from that motivation. The whole focus of the session is on empowering you, strengthening your ego and helping you feel stronger and more on top of things. Check out the reviews to see how positive and helpful people find it.

3. “What if I get stuck in trance?”

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That’s impossible because trance is just a natural state of relaxation. Much like the state people try to achieve with meditation. It’s a very light trance, like when we daydream, so you can wake at anytime and it’s impossible to get stuck in it, anymore that you would get stuck asleep. Trance is naturally occurring when the brain rests some parts while others do extra work. We all experience it everyday, often when driving or watching tv – it’s normal, natural and safe.