Alcohol – time to review it..?

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hand picking up glass of whiskey

New Years is often when we look again at how life’s going and what needs changing. Many people drink way too much over Christmas – if you watch TV you’d think it was compulsory! The reality of drinking is the opposite of the adverts – it doesn’t make you attractive, healthy or desirable. Far from partying all night, many people are slumped on their sofa’s feeling vacant.

fisted hand in handcuff attached to glass of gin

We often forget that alcohol is actually a poison which slows down our body systems, which is why we get that initial relaxing sensation. It’s a depressant which slows down the signals between brain and body. When it wears off you want more alcohol to get that same initial sensation again. Unfortunately the brain only remembers the relaxed feeling and not the hangover, headache and other negative effects. This makes it highly addictive.

Unlike most addictive drugs it’s easily available in all food shops and everyone expects you to drink and control your drinking. Even worse – people who struggle with the addictive nature of alcohol get labelled and criticised for it. So be honest with yourself, and ask yourself if you are really caring for yourself…? If you want to get control of your drinking, contact me to discuss your needs or see my blog 5 tips to control alcohol.