stress+anxiety=out of control!


As we get more stressed, we get more anxious…

Anxiety is sneaky! It creeps in slowly, and grows until we finally realise it’s taken over. Then everything seems risky or fraught with problems. Of course it’s no more risky than it used to be – but once we get into that headset common sense goes out of the window! Anxiety is in control and we’re struggling to cope now…

We’re in the wrong brain…

underwater staircase

When we’re highly stressed or anxious we’re in our primitive survival brain. If we’re confronted by a crisis like a hungry bear – that’s great! But it’s absolutely rubbish when we are trying to get on with daily life, like going to the supermarket or working. Once our brain has triggered that survival instinct it’s pretty impossible to think clearly. We lose all confidence and are desperately trying to avoid the dangers which seem everywhere. Logic appears to have vanished completely!

woman with arms out to sides and eyes closed in front of hills.

Thankfully we can get out of this mindset!

There are lots of helpful techniques like; taking in a big slow breath and exhaling even slower – like breathing in to 5 and out to 7. The numbers don’t matter, they just help us stay focused on making sure the out breath is longer. This is important because that sends a message to the autonomic nervous system to relax, which is exactly what we want the mind and body to do.

There’s a long term solution…

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There are many quick fixes available on the internet, but for a long term solution – explore psychotherapy with an anxiety expert. Just see the reviews of my former clients to see how dramatically it has changed their lives, children and adults. Huge changes are often made in just a few sessions. Once they get control back of their mind, they get control back of their whole life! Their confidence increases, their choices expand as their life returns to normal again. If you think you need help to get back on top of things, please contact me to see how I can help you to feel better again.