Quick therapy for phobias

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Phobia’s can be extremely stressful and anxiety provoking. It can feel as if the thing we’re most frightened of is around every corner! Whether it’s spiders, frogs, water or flying – just the thought of it can really send our blood pressure up and ruin our day.

How is a phobia created?

When the brain decides that something is a huge threat, it becomes a phobia. It does not matter whether it actually is a threat or not. Many people know their phobia is no threat to them at all – like buttons, frogs or injections. This makes it even more frustrating and embarrassing. But once the brain has decided it’s a threat, then all those stress hormones are activated immediately at the very thought of it, without even seeing it.

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Will I end up loving what I fear?

No! Once something has triggered a full phobic response in us, no treatment will make you love that thing you were terrified of. Imagine a line and one end was hate and the other was love. A successful phobia treatment will take your response from hate to somewhere in the middle. The most common outcome is usually indifference. Most importantly you’re just NOT afraid of it anymore. Now you are back in control. Your stress level drops, it no longer causes anxiety and you feel more confident.

How many sessions to fix phobias?

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I’ve always used hypnotherapy very effectively to cure phobia’s in four sessions as you can see in my reviews. Now I have another treatment – BWRT which is able to treat most phobia’s two sessions. So this is a powerful short term treatment! Clients are always delighted to be liberated from their fear, so painlessly and easily. Unlike exposure treatments which require confronting the issue to get desensitised, I dont dwell on the phobia but instead focus on the fix.

How do I cure phobias?

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Hypnotherapy works by damaging the templates in the brain which direct our responses. We dont have conscious control of these reactions, but hypnotherapy and BWRT have specific techniques to remove the problematic automatic fear response. Then we replace it with how you really WANT to feel instead. Thus making you feel more confident and calm, instead of stressed and afraid.

What do I do next to fix my phobia?

Contact me! Either phone or email me and let me know what you want to overcome. Once I have your basic details – name, phone number and phobia, we can set an appointment and get the process started! It’s very easy and simple and I will support you through it. I’m in St Austell, Cornwall but can treat you by telephone or video call anywhere. Just think in as few as two sessions you could be phobia free!