Early parenting help from Hypnotherapy

Parents often say to me they’re overwhelmed by what’s expected of them. As a parent myself I vividly recall those early stressful months which is why I’m passionate about this. As soon as the baby arrives, everyone has an opinion about how we should parent. We need to become a nurse and carer on little or no sleep! Theres books and experts everywhere, but none of these people have met our child, or know how what we really need.

So the “one size fits all” parent advice may not help. Most parents really want to be functioning at their best and not reliant on others at all. To be at our best we need plenty of sleep – rarely the case with a new baby. Remember when we are functioning well we make the best decisions for ourselves and our child. Many new parents become highly anxious too. As a Hypnotherapist I dont give parenting advice – I give the right support to enable you to be functioning at your best. Solution focused therapy and hypnosis together combine to get the brain working at it’s best.

How does hypnotherapy help with early parenting..?

baby and mum sleeping with foreheads touching

Hypnotherapy effectively supports us to use the best part of our brain for solving problems and complex issues. It helps put us in our rational brain which enables us to cope better and helps with confidence. When we’re rational we think more clearly so we’re capable of finding the right solutions for ourselves.

Getting the right support makes a huge difference to parents. While family and friends can be helpful we really want to be our best for our child. Just 5 or 6 sessions can be the help needed to get you back to feeling on top of things. People leave my sessions feeling uplifted and positive as you’ll see from my reviews. Sometimes the most selfless thing we can do appears selfish to others – because if you look after yourself then you are better able to look after your baby.

So be honest with yourself and if you need some help call me or email me to discuss the support you need to get back to your best self. Remember the sooner you start the process, the sooner you’ll be feeling better…