Autumn; time for change…

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sun shining through a tree by a river

Autumn reminds us that sometimes we have to move on. Holding on to the past and things that used to be precious, may not be helpful anymore.

It’s easy to hold on to what we have, because it takes energy to change it. So even if what we have is not doing us any good anymore, like a holey pair of old slippers, we still keep on with it. Whereas if we are really honest with ourselves and do some things to start the change process… life could be very different.

woman on beach at sunset arms outstretched

All too often our fear of change keeps us stuck in a bad place. It’s hard to imagine things could be different, until it happens. But just finding the courage to take a little step – like going to therapy to put yourself in a stronger and more confident place – can make all the difference…