Hypnotherapy for Grief and Loss –

We all experience loss at some point in our lives. When we lose someone we love it is a devastating experience. Our minds have got used to the routine of life, the giving and receiving of affection and attention, the sharing of our lives. So when something happens and we lose someone we love, for whatever reason, it changes the whole balance of our life. We are left feeling bereft and confused.

Loss is a natural part of life but it is such a major event that it often sends people spiralling into emotional turmoil. People sometimes become depressed, stressed, anxious, lose sleep, drink alcohol or turn to food, as a response to the loss and the lack of normality in their life. We need to release the feelings of sadness and distress to enable you to cope with life, today and the in future.

Hypnotherapy enables you to create new habits and thought patterns in your mind which will enable you to let go of thoughts of the person you have lost. This will let you achieve some level of acceptance. Hypnotherapy helps to change the way you feel about the situation so you can feel more positive, and find your own unique new ways forward.

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Hypnotherapy is a gentle but powerful approach to coax your mind into coping with life again. Of course you will only make changes which you are ready for, at your own pace. With hypnotherapy you are always in complete control, and remain firmly in the driving seat of your life.

Hypnotherapy will support you to slowly start rebuilding your life. We all know that we are powerless to change the situation, but your feelings and thoughts about the situation make a huge difference to your future life. Hypnotherapy can change those feelings. Hypnotherapy supports you to carry on and move forward in a healthy, positive way. Remember the past but being able to face the future. Call me or email me to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you.