Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Take control back…

Fear is a natural defence to protect us from danger, however sometimes the brain gets stuck in an extreme fear response which restricts our life or becomes a problem.

Generally the mind is able to separate a genuine life threat from a low level risk but sometimes it overreacts and gets stuck believing a minor risk is a real crisis.  In these situations the sensible rational part of our brain is overridden by the fear response.  Often we know there is no real danger but we just cannot stop the feelings of fear, panic and anxiety which take over.

Hypnotherapy For Phobia

Hypnotherapy is very effective at helping you understand the cause of the fear or phobia and breaking the thought pattern down and replacing it with the sensible response you want. Free yourself from your limiting thought patterns.

This gentle re-programming of the mind allows you to stay in full control of the changes and remain fully aware of the process throughout.  Often the treatment can be completed in a series of 4 weekly sessions, but more than two phobias will take longer. Call to discuss your needs and what treatment plan would be effective for you. Remember the first session is a free consultation.


“Julie has completely cured my lifelong fear of heights using hypnotherapy! I never would have believed that I could even step on, let alone walk across, the bridge at Tintagel Castle on a windy day! Absolutely amazing! Thank you Julie, you are amazing and hypnotherapy is like some kind of magic!!!” KAREN

Hypnotherapy For Phobia
Karen on the bridge on a windy day! Smiling and confident now!

“Thank you so much for helping our son with his fear of dogs.  We really have seen quite a remarkable transformation. He is now confident around dogs whereas previously he was terrified even at the sight of them. The sessions with you were relaxed and he was comfortable and felt at ease throughout the entire process. It really has made a huge impact on all our lives as to the places we can now visit and enjoy without fear.” JENNY

I really recommend Julie.  I had no idea what to expect but Julie immediately puts you at ease.  She explains the process really well and gets to the nub of the matter easily.  I was amazed at how positive the results were.  Thank you so much Julie.” DENISE