Treatment for Addictions

Addictions occur when the mind becomes obsessed with having something and that becomes the central point of attention. There are many different addictions, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling etc, to name a few, but the effect is the same. It becomes all encompassing and all absorbing and before people realise it, it overtakes their life. Everything and everyone else may be sacrificed for the addiction.



But there is a way out. There is a way of getting control back of your mind and your life. It will take some effort to achieve, even with hypnotherapy – you will have to use some energy and be committed to it, but it can be done. The stronger your resolve is, and the greater your determination to succeed, the easier success will be. How many sessions needed depends on several factors, like the length of time you have had the issue and it’s severity.

Hypnotherapy is a fully conscious deep relaxation where the mind is more able to take on positive suggestions thus making it easy to change alcohol/addiction habits and patterns.  You have programmed yourself to follow your addiction by repeatedly doing the same thing and telling yourself it is out of your control.  Hypnotherapy will help change that programme in your mind, like putting new software into your computer. This will allow you to create new habits and behaviour and thought patterns, to enable you to get back in control. You will only make the changes you want so you are very much in control of your progress.


Thank you, thank you and thank you. After only 1 session with you; I have been transformed. 4 months on, and not a drop of alcohol has touched my lips; I am unbelievability amazed how this has happened, and so are my friends and family.

I must admit, I was sceptical about hypnotherapy before I came to see you. I thought hypnotherapy was all about putting people to sleep; like you see on TV. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Your time, patience, understanding and non-judgemental approach, has given me insight into how my old weekend drinking habits, affected both my physical and mental health. You have given me a new pair of glasses to view my life through, and a big bag of confidence to make positive changes within it. I am truly grateful for your advice and support; I will be recommending you to all that I meet. JENNIFER