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Julie Escott

Hypnotherapy has helped me to put my life into perspective. I have never felt so confident in my own skin. You explained everything in an easily understandable way. Thank you for helping enrich my life, wish I’d done it years ago and I can never thank you enough. PAT

Once we started the sessions it was easy! Everything was explained over the phone in terms that were really easy to visualise and to adopt into everyday situations. As a person I have realised just how much hypnotherapy can help retrain the mind! When the sessions started I was trapped in a never ending cycle of unhappiness because I could not find answers to questions and situations that ultimately don’t have answers. What I have learned is that it is ok to not have answers but to still allow myself to enjoy the moment and feel at home with the people that I care about and care about me. KEITH (USA)

First can I say a big THANK YOU for how you have helped my wife. We have been together over 50yrs and she has a heart of gold and is very special! Since she has been seeing you I have seen a massive difference. She is so much more confident, which I am thankful for. I’m so glad we found you. PAUL (Husband of client with confidence issues)

Thank you, thank you and thank you. After only 1 session with you; I have been transformed. 4 months on, and not a drop of alcohol has touched my lips; I am unbelievability amazed how this has happened, and so are my friends and family. I must admit, I was sceptical about hypnotherapy before I came to see you. I thought hypnotherapy was all about putting people to sleep; like you see on TV. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Your time, patience, understanding and non-judgemental approach, has given me insight into how my old weekend drinking habits, affected both my physical and mental health. You have given me a new pair of glasses to view my life through, and a big bag of confidence to make positive changes within it. I am truly grateful for your advice and support; I will be recommending you to all that I meet. JENNIFER

I cannot believe the difference Julie has made to my life. For the past few years I have been plagued by anxiety, at times so overwhelming I found it hard to function on a day to day basis. To say I was slightly skeptical about how much difference hypnotherapy could make to my life would be fair but I am now recommending hypnotherapy to everyone! I have never felt more in control and able to reduce and manage my own anxiety levels. I recognise the early signs and Julie has given me the skills I need to manage them and prevent myself from escalating into full blown anxiety.

I am so impressed and amazed at the difference hypnotherapy has made to my life and I highly recommend anyone considering it if they are struggling to manage stress, anxiety or low mood.

Here’s Karen on Tintagel bridge, on a windy day! Having just overcome her fear of heights with me in hypnotherapy.

Even more incredible is that Julie has completely cured my lifelong fear of heights using hypnotherapy! I never would have believed that I could even step on, let alone walk across, the bridge at Tintagel Castle on a windy day! Absolutely amazing! Thank you Julie, you are amazing and hypnotherapy is like some kind of magic!!! KAREN

I went to see Julie because I had a lot going on in my life which was making me feel overwhelmed, I had difficulty sleeping and I was really worried about the effect it was all going to have on my mental wellbeing.


Julie started by explaining to me how the brain works, I found this to be so fascinating – it made sense to me and therefore I was able to understand what was going on, and able to put things into some sort of perspective. Julie and I identified small and achievable goals that I could work towards over a period of time, doing it this way meant there was no pressure and just a feeling of positivity about what I was achieving.

The outcome of the sessions with Julie meant that my life now had a functional focus, I did not feel so overwhelmed and could see what was working well. As a consequence I feel more in control and I’ve made decisions that have had significant life changes which I’m very happy about.  Thank you Julie .MICHELE


I had Hypnotherapy with Julie after being diagnosed with MS, although I was physically well I was struggling with anxiety about any future relapses. Julie was so warm and welcoming, so calm and soothing. Julie was clear in explaining how the brain works and how negative/unhappy thoughts can manifest and grow, and with effort, how you can grow positive/happy thoughts.

It made real sense to me and the sessions made a huge difference on my well-being.  The techniques Julie gave me, which I still use today, keep me very happy, calm and positive. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Julie. EMILY

I was looking for help with my anxiety’s which were impacting on my health, but felt unsure of an alternative to medical intervention. When I found that an ex colleague who I worked with in a social care environment was a Hypnotherapist. Therefore I contacted Julie and arranged an appointment, I was not sure how it would go.


Well on my initial appointment I felt extremely comfortable and open to Hypnotherapy. Julie made me feel I could truthfully explain what was causing my anxiety, Julie explained how the different areas of the brain works and how to be in control of our thoughts.

After the first session I knew I was in a better place and at the fourth session I was in a very different place with managing my thoughts; stronger and positive.
I still listen to Julie’s CD at times, which now can send me into a very peaceful, relaxed sleep. Thank you Julie, you have a professional, calm, warm approach to make a real difference using hypnotherapy. HEATHER


I really recommend Julie.  I had no idea what to expect but Julie immediately puts you at ease.  She explains the process really well and gets to the nub of the matter easily.  I was amazed at how positive the results were.  Thank you so much Julie. DENISE

(Mum of 11yrs son) When I first took our son to see Julie he was anxious all the time, scared to go to bed at night, not sleeping well, scared of being ill, vomiting and dying. This was obviously having a massive impact on him but also on us as a family; I wasn’t able to go out for the evening without him panicking that I wasn’t going to be home to put him to bed, and he didn’t feel able to go to friend’s houses for sleepovers because he was so worried about getting, or being, ill. He was waking in the night most nights having panic attacks and it would take me ages to settle him back to sleep. We couldn’t watch any programs or films with vomiting in (and it’s surprising how many things it’s in these days!) and couldn’t even say the word out loud in conversation!


Having had treatment with Julie myself I knew how amazing and successful the hypnotherapy was and was confident she could make an enormous difference to him; I could never have believed just how much of a difference though, it’s incredible! To see him now, he is like a completely different child. He is so full of confidence, no longer worries about or overthinks things, is sleeping well, has overcome his fear of vomiting and has all the tools he needs to be able to manage any stress or worries he may have.

He listens to Julie’s sleep therapy recording every night before bed which helps him to relax and he usually now sleeps right through the night. On the odd occasions he does wake up, he no longer panics and is able to go back to sleep without needing me to reassure him.

Julie was so good at pitching the sessions just right and making our son feel so safe and relaxed that he often fell asleep during the trance! I honestly cannot recommend Julie highly enough; she has made such an incredible difference, not just to our son but to our whole family, thank you just doesn’t seem enough! MUM

11yr old sons REVIEW: “When I first met Julie I was anxious. I would struggle to sleep and I had a phobia of sickness and vomiting. Julie is one of the kindest people I have ever met and was the best hypnotherapist I could of wished for. She helped me feel safe and relaxed during the sessions, which were either online or in person due to the pandemic. I think that the sessions are the perfect duration. My trance work was so relaxing I often fell asleep!

Once my hypnotherapy had finished my anxiety had gone, my confidence grew and most importantly I overcame my phobia. I cannot believe how much I have changed during my hypnotherapy. I thank you Julie 🙂


(9yr olds mum) Thank you so much for helping our son with his fear of dogs.  We really have seen quite a remarkable transformation. He is now confident around dogs whereas previously he was terrified even at the sight of them. The sessions with you were relaxed and he was comfortable and felt at ease throughout the entire process. It really has made a huge impact on all our lives as to the places we can now visit and enjoy without fear. We are, as a family, extremely grateful for all your help. JENNY