Q: What is trance or hypnosis like?   A: a nice walk…

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path through woods on sunny day

People often ask me this question and the truth is that we are all unique and so everyone experiences trance in their own way.  Trance is simply a natural, pleasant, relaxed state in which you are more aware of your internal experience than the world around you.  It’s how you feel as you’re falling asleep or waking up.  For many it’s a pleasant ‘day-dreaming’ feeling. Others can feel more relaxed or sleepy than they expected, and may drift in and out of wakefulness, either way – you are always in control.

It’s important to know that however you experience it and regardless of what it feels like for you – it IS working!  People are often afraid they will lose consciousness.  This is simply not the case – a light trance is all that is needed to be effective.  You just sit or lie back, close your eyes and relax and listen – it couldn’t be easier!  Some people listen to every single word, most naturally drift in and out.  I start with a relaxation of the body and then describe a beautiful scene in the countryside – so it can be a nice walk!

Trance is one of those experiences that is hard to explain until you experience it!  So if you are curious, I would highly recommend you allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy it and discover for yourself its power and potential in your life.  There are a variety of different types of hypnotherapy.  I practice solution focused hypnotherapy which has a very positive and forward looking approach.

If you are curious about how hypnotherapy can help you achieve your best health and wellbeing please do contact me to discuss your needs and find out how I can help.