Will I lose control or consciousness during hypnotherapy?

No!  This is a common misunderstanding.  You will remain fully conscious throughout.  When you are in the trance part of the treatment you just close your eyes and listen to me talking over some relaxing music.  You are able to hear every word, although some people do drift in and out, as if having a light nap, but it’s fully effective either way.  The performing hypnotists use a very deep trance state which is not necessary for hypnotherapy to be effective, and so I don’t use it.

What mental health conditions is hypnotherapy not suitable for?

Hypnotherapy is generally not appropriate for people with schizophrenia or psychosis.  It is suitable for depression, anxiety, phobia’s, stress, increasing confidence and a variety of other reasons.  Basically whenever we want to change how we think or behave in a situation, hypnotherapy may help to change those old unhelpful patterns.

How many sessions of hypnotherapy will I need?

It all depends on the issue.  Most treatments take a number of sessions, on average 8-12 but it depends on the person and the severity of their issue.  Long term depression for example is likely to take a lot more than that, as it has become and ingrained pattern in the brain.  Phobia’s are usually fixed in four sessions.  Quitting smoking and vaping is one two hour session.  We can always discuss this before the sessions start and throughout the treatment, remembering you are always in control of how many sessions you feel you need.